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Learn wildlife
photography by kayak

The objective of this 52 minutes online lesson is to acquire knowledge and develop skills in photography with the use of a kayak type boat.

Lesson Presentation

This online class is only available in French.

The objective of this 52 minutes lesson is to acquire knowledge and develop skills in photography with the use of a kayak type boat.

You will see different rules of composition, some shooting functions and how to benefit the most from them.

This is an introduction to kayaking in calm water and the basic rules to follow for a successful photographic activity.

This lesson is for all photographers, novice or professional.

This is not a lesson on the basics of how to use your camera.

Kayak photography

Here is the trailer of the course!

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An overview of the content!

  • General information on what to bring
  • How to choose the right kayak
  • Launching kayaks and safe boarding
  • The different basic rules of image composition on the water
  • Introduction to shooting close to the water
  • Introduction to backlighting and half-lighting
  • Tips and tricks for approaching wildlife in an ethical way.
  • A PDF checklist of equipment for each outing
  • A complementary PDF document on the notions of backlighting

Some satisfied clients

« Beautiful, thank you so much!!! Full of good ideas, I can't wait to go back to my little paradise to apply your advice, especially since I am a fan of birds and especially loons, they will see me again this year, but better equipped. »
Marielle Milette - Free Translation
« Hello Jean-Simon, I learned a lot and appreciated, thank you for putting your knowledge at our disposal! »
Alain Larocque - Free Translation
« Thank you, I learned a lot. I don't have a kayak, but a canoe and I believe that many of the elements can also apply, especially since I always have a paddler with me :) Thank you for your generosity and great respect for nature. I will certainly watch this video several times.. »
Hélène Moore - Free Translation
« Very nice viewing of your video and following your kayaking tips and photos Thank you Jean-Simon »
Louisette Girard - Free Translation
« Thank you Jean Simon for your respect of this magnificent nature. »
Marie Laberge - Free Translation

Common Loon

Red-necked Grebe


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