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Kings at the top

Contemplate the routine of these majestic animals. Winter is just beginning for them and soon, the snow will force them to stay in their little ravage. The males will lose their plumes and the fight against the cold will begin. A survival to which we all owe the greatest of respect.

Woodland Caribou of Charlevoix

The Woodland Caribou were stocking up on food before the harsh season that awaited them. It was for me one of the most beautiful moments of my career, as a photographer, to have been able to be with this herd for so long and in such great respect. Let's protect our caribou, so that these images never become an archive.

Mountain Caribou of Gaspésie

Short video of Montagnard Caribou in the middle of a blizzard feeding while digging.

Moose in the mists of Charlevoix

Here is a short 43 seconds of total peace and calm! Filmed from my kayak, just before sunrise.

Moose rutting behavior

Here is a short video of my last moose expedition in Gaspésie. I don't claim to be a filmmaker, the sound is not really up to par, however you will get a nice glimpse of the backstage. On two occasions, you will be able to observe a male moose doing what is known as a birthing and you will hear the females making their long and strange calls. Have a good viewing and please, share a lot my friends!

Caribou Mountain Gaspésie

Take a moment to stop and let yourself be lulled by the wind and the calm of the Caribou!

Feeding moose

It was a great pleasure to find two males feeding next to each other, here is the larger of the two. He was not at all frightened by our presence. Everything was filmed from my kayak. You can see in my stories the videos I captured with my cell phone of this magical moment.

Caribou forestier de Charlevoix

Les caribous forestiers étaient en train de faire le plein de nourriture avant la rude saison qui les attendaient. C’était pour moi l'un des plus beaux moments de ma carrière de photographe que d’avoir pu côtoyer ce troupeau aussi longtemps et dans un si grand respect. Protégeons nos caribous pour que ces images ne deviennent jamais un document d’archives.